Wires Services

We are here to offer you an exceptional range of technological services that cater to your needs and contribute to making your life smoother and more secure. We assist you in achieving control, security, and comfort within your homes and offices. We provide innovative solutions for smart homes, security and surveillance systems, and versatile computer devices. Additionally, we offer you intercom and smart lock technologies to safeguard your properties. Our audio and visual systems experience transports you to a world of entertainment and high quality. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your daily life or reinforce your security, our services are here to accomplish that with the highest levels of quality and professionalism.

Home Automation

We offer services in designing and implementing smart networks for homes and offices using cutting-edge technologies. This allows you to control lighting, air conditioning, curtains, and locks through your smartphone, as well as using voice commands through devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Security and Surveillance Systems

We provide a comprehensive solution for security and surveillance needs. This includes advanced technological solutions, such as CCTV cameras. Additionally, we offer alarm and security devices to secure homes and establishments. Through these solutions, customers can monitor events through sound and image from anywhere in real-time.


In the realm of computers, we offer you a wide range of devices suitable for your needs, whether it’s for design, work, or even gaming. To precisely meet your requirements, we offer a custom computer assembly service where you choose all the components and accessories that suit you, creating a device that aligns accurately with your specifications.

Intercom & Smart Lock Systems

Maintain the security of your home or office using the latest available technologies in the realm of safety, through smart lock and intercom systems. These technologies allow easy and convenient control through smartphone applications.

Audio and Visual Systems

Our services provide you with a comprehensive solution in the field of audio and visual systems, through a variety of solutions. Whether it’s speakers, home cinema halls, or other audio and visual devices, we’re here to create distinctive experiences.


We offer all the requirements for networks, whether wired or wireless, such as internet networks and central servers for establishments and individuals. Thanks to our expertise, we can efficiently design and implement networks, as well as upgrade existing networks to meet your evolving needs.

PBX Systems

We offer you a distinguished solution in the field of PBX systems. We use high-quality landline phones and provide call services through the landline network. These systems can be installed in establishments or homes to efficiently meet your needs.

Integrated Systems

Our systems are characterized by ease of use and integration, minimizing complexity by utilizing a minimal number of smart applications. You can control all your home devices from a single application, from anywhere in the world, using simple touches or voice commands.
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Our Mission

Today, Wires has emerged as one of the leading companies in the field of smart solutions and surveillance systems. We constantly strive to achieve leadership and excellence in all areas. We are committed to using high-quality products and adhering to credibility in meeting agreed-upon deadlines for project completion. We acknowledge the magnitude of responsibility placed upon us and consistently seek to evolve and progress towards the best outcomes, employing the most effective strategies available.
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